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Graduate Career & Professional Development Office

The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office provides critical coaching and support to the University of Connecticut’s graduate business community.


Serving the University of Connecticut School of Business, the Graduate Career & Professional Development team is a collaborative and equal partner in the educational experience. Helping students reach their desired career outcome, engaging in meaningful support of corporate and recruiting partners, and collaborating with University colleagues, we advance the goals of training and development while facilitating opportunities. Career development and growth is a journey – and the career team provides equitable, inclusive support and partnership in all areas of exploration, management, and professional development.


  • Accountability: our team takes responsibility to educate our students to be accountable for their own career journey while teaching them the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing job market.
  • Adaptability: in an ever-changing, global career space, our team works diligently in adjusting to new conditions, acquiring knowledge and new skills, and modeling flexibility.
  • Approachability: dependable, responsible, empathetic, and accessible; our team takes value in being easy to talk to, do business with, and takes great pride in providing inclusive interactions.
  • Collaboration: the career team appreciates working together, aligned towards purposeful and thoughtful coordination and cooperation of goals, supporting positive student experiences and outcomes.
  • Trust: in every interaction with all constituents, we bring responsible, honest, transparent, and reliable engagement; the career team coaches students to represent themselves authentically.
  • Persistence: in coaching and in our daily actions, we assert that only the person who owns their career journey can truly develop the resilience and determination to succeed in the world of work.

Student Services

Individual Career Coaching

The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office at the UConn School of Business is proud to have dedicated career coaches, available to connect individually with students year-round. Career coaching conversations can include strategic goal-setting, discussion of post-graduation plans, and meaningful connections with UConn Alumni and corporate partners.

Development of Application Materials

Application materials, including resumes, cover letters, portfolios, writing samples – and more, are a critical aspect of the internship and job search process. Career coaches at The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office are highly-trained professionals, well-versed in industry standards and employer expectations. From navigating Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to building materials from scratch, coaches are available to help students succeed.

Interview Preparation & Negotiation Techniques

Career coaches at The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office support students daily in the intricate art of interviewing, from negotiating an offer to determining if an organization is an ideal fit. Practice interviews, both in-person and virtually, are offered by coaches, to ensure students feel confident and well-supported.

Securing Internship & Full-Time Opportunities

We acknowledge and support that, for many graduate business students, securing meaningful internships and full-time opportunities is a major goal of continuing education. To that end, career coaches at The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office are readily available to support students in gaining additional industry expertise.

Participating in Corporate Engagements

UConn student talent is highly sought out in today’s market – with graduate business students certainly being no exception. The career team at The Graduate Career & Professional Development Office consistently plan and execute meaningful events and engagements, including employer information sessions, on campus interviews, and much more.


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Recruiting UConn Talent

At the University of Connecticut School of Business, we have always focused on academic excellence. As a result, our graduate business programs achieve top honors and special recognition from the nation's most distinguished ranking organizations.

The School of Business features robust graduate programs, including flexible and inclusive MBA offerings and five specialized master’s programs: MS in Accounting, MS in Business Analytics & Project Management, MS in Financial Risk Management, MS in Human Resource Management, and the School’s newest offering, MS in Financial Technology (FinTech). Students may also engage academically with the School of Business in earning graduate certificates; offered in a variety of industry-forward subject matters, including Healthcare Finance and Insurance and Project Management, among more.

In addition to robust virtual offerings, graduate School of Business students are actively engaged academically across the state – in Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury. With over 1,700 current master’s degree candidates, the UConn School of Business has ample opportunity for growing talent pipelines and engaging with the next generation of business professionals.

Engage Student Talent

GenoLeads conference attendees participate in an interactive workshop

  • Sponsor a case competition
  • Partner with us for a capstone project
  • Set up a classroom visit
  • Host an information session

Share Job Opportunities

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Getting Started

Recruiting student talent at the UConn School of Business can take a variety of forms; including, but not necessarily limited to: sharing formal internship and full-time opportunities, sponsoring case competitions to gain a glimpse into student talent, providing information sessions to share company information and benefits, partnering with academic programs to engage in classroom visits and sponsor meaningful capstone projects – and more.

To explore how UConn talent can add to your organization, reach out to the team at