International Trips

As part of the curriculum, graduate business students in our masters programs may enroll in international travel courses. These trips enhance the academic coursework presented in the classroom setting therefore enriching the students’ learning experience, including challenging beliefs and values that influence their way of life.

The international learning experience brings a dimension to learning beyond completing classroom work.

Academic Component

During the pre-trip preparation the students research the companies and country’s economy and begin researching business practices.

After the students return from the trip, they present their findings in a paper or presentation to complete the course requirements.

Cultural Component

The trips are a combination or sightseeing, cultural experiences and exposure to businesses large and small.

The goal of these trips is to immerse our graduate business students into another culture. By experiencing these cultural differences the students personally come to understand where other cultures come from and how the culture influences personal habits and business decisions.

Upcoming Trips

Winter 2020
Em Lyon, France
January 5-18, 2020

Spring 2020
South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town)
March 13-22, 2020

Fall 2020
South America (Argentina and Uruguay)
November 20-29, 2020

In a business climate where industry is becoming more and more international, I found the international trips to be incredibly eye opening. Visiting companies in other countries gives you a firsthand understanding of the advantages and disadvantages senior executives consider when making decisions for their company. These decisions include expansions or partnerships, as well as everything in between. This type of experience is impossible to create in the classroom and I found invaluable. An additional bonus was the opportunity to network with classmates. These friendships will no doubt be lifelong, and help shape the future of my career.

- Brittani Acampora '17 MBA
Argentina/Uruguay, Fall 2016
EM LYON France, January 2017
China, Spring 2017

Team UConn


Current students: For more information about these international trips, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an international travel course?

An international travel course is a life-changing opportunity to experience the cultural aspects of another country while learning about global business issues. 

An international travel course is an elective related to global business issues. An international trip will be a key component of the course.  This trip satisfies the required international component of the MBA program and allows for deeper relationship building among classmates.

These trips can be either three or six elective credits and include pre-trip and post-trip classroom meetings.

Who can go on these trips?

Current students in UConn’s masters business programs (MBA, MSBAPM, MSFRM, and MSHRM) may enroll in these international travel courses. Students from all campuses including Hartford, Stamford and Waterbury are eligible.

Where do these trips go?

In the past, international travel trips have brought our students to Brazil, China, Argentina, Uruguay, Hungary, France, India, Dubai, the Czech Republic and South Africa, among other locations.

Trips in the future may include Vietnam, Ireland, Dubai Japan, and other locations. Contact Marlys Rizzi for information on upcoming trips.

How long are the trips?

The trips are typically 10 to 14 days in length, depending on the location.

What types of activities can I expect on these trips?

International trips are a distinct blend of academic and cultural experiences. Your group will visit on corporate locations to experience first hand the inner-workings of global companies.

Your trip may take you to an international business school for class sessions, and introduce you to local restaurants and nightlife. In the past, cultural visits have included an African safari, a visit to the diamond mines, sightseeing at the Great Wall and a tour of an orphanage. All of these activities are intended to give you a robust feel of the country you are visiting.

Do I get course credit?

Students can earn three (3) or six (6) credits depending on the length of the trip.

These credits count towards MBA's international requirement and are considered electives.

How much does it cost?

In addition to the per-credit course fee associated with their degree programs, students also pay an additional trip fee which covers lodging, airfare and in-country travel expenses. Some meals are included. Scholarships available.

How do I sign up?

Please check your program Community Site for international trip announcements. Those will include specific enrollment details and deadlines. Trips are usually advertised about 6 months prior to departure and space is limited.