Dual Degrees

The dual degree program is currently on moratorium. Previously, within the dual degree you would complete the full MS program and complete a reduced curriculum of 42 credits on the MBA side. Recently the MBA program announced curriculum changes that reduced the MBA from 57 credits to 42 credits. With the MBA program now being 42 credits as a stand-alone program, there is no additional credit reduction by pairing the degrees.

The good news is you can still complete the MBA program for the original 42 credit amount. As another bonus, you will now have the ability to develop a concentration during your MBA studies. Previously, the credit reduction from the dual degree removed your MBA electives which prohibited you from specializing in an area of your choice. With the updated MBA curriculum, you will now be able to select a concentration area from the following:

· Business Analytics
· Business Ethics & Compliance
· Finance
· Management
· Marketing
· Supply Chain Management
· General Business

You also are now able to receive each degree as you complete each program. Formerly, you had to completed both programs and then you were awarded the two degrees. This in turn provides you with added flexibility in case your plans change and you are no longer interested in the second degree.