Dual Degrees

With dual degree program options students can work jointly towards two UConn degrees, reducing the time and the credits required to complete them. This dual-degree program leverages the strengths of both UConn programs to provide deeper knowledge to graduates of both programs, making graduates both more initially competitive in the marketplace and more successful business leaders over the long run.

Dual degree programs are offered in conjunction with the Full-time and Part-time MBA Programs.

All students who wish to pursue a dual degree program must first be granted separate admission into both programs.

Programs Offered

  Full-time MBA Part-time MBA
Dual Business Degrees
Business Analytics & Project Management Yes Yes
Financial Risk Management Yes Yes
Human Resources Management Yes Yes
Dual UConn Degrees
DMD Contact Program Contact Program
MEng No Yes
MA International Studies Yes No
JD Yes Yes
MD Yes No
Pharm.D. Yes No
Master of Social Work Yes Yes
Ph.D. in Biomedical Science No Yes
M.S. in Nursing Yes Yes