Decision and Enrollment

Once a decision has been made on your application, you will receive Decision Notification email which will direct you to log into your application so that you can view your decision letter.

Accepting Offer of Admittance

If you are admitted, you will be able to either accept or decline the offer of admission online. A link to the Decision and Enrollment form will be provided in your Decision Letter.

Enrollment Deposits

If you accept the offer of admission for a program that requires a deposit, you will then confirm your enrollment and pay your required non-refundable confirmation deposit online with a credit card, therefore reserving your place in the class.

The following programs require Enrollment Deposits:

Program Deposit
Executive MBA Program $1800
Full-time MBA Program $500
Online MBA Program $500
MS in Business Analtyics and Project Management $500
MS in Financial Risk Management $500
MS in Financial Technology (FinTech) $500
MS in Human Resource Management $200
Advanced Business Certificate in Human Resource Management $100
Long-term Health Care Management Certificate $500


Even if you have accepted enrollment into the University, in order to be matriculated, the University must have received your official transcripts. For any questions about matriculation, contact the Graduate School.

Deferring Admission

Please contact the program to which you are applying if you need to defer your admission.


If you were denied admission, you are still able to reapply for following semesters. You would need to submit a new application.