Application Steps

Starting and submitting your application

  1. Log on to the online application and create a user ID and password.  If you have previously filled out an inquiry form, attended a graduate business event such as an infosession, or are on our email list, you may already have an account within the system.
  2. Complete the Personal Data and Enrollment Information sections.  If you are an international applicant, please also complete the International Applicants section.
  3. Complete any program-specific sections, if applicable.  Program-specific areas are available for applicants to the Full-time MBA, Accounting, MSBAPM, MSFRM, and HRM programs.
  4. Complete the Educational History section, including uploading all unofficial academic credentials.
  5. Enter the information for required Letters of Recommendation, if applicable to the program to which you are applying.
  6. Upload any Essays and Documents that are required of the program to which you are applying.
  7. Electronically sign and pay the application fee to complete the application.  Please refer to the Application Submission Deadline Dates.

Completing your application

  1. If you have official academic credentials from a non-US institution, please mail those materials upon submission of your application.
  2. Your submitted application will be reviewed by the program to which you are applying. They will contact you if you are missing any materials. A decision will not be made on an incomplete application.
  3. It would be advisable for you to follow up to determine whether your letters of recommendations have been written and submitted as applicable to the program to which you are applying.

Once your application has been completed

  1. The admissions committee for the program to which you are applying will review your application.
  2. If applicable, the program may schedule an Interview.
  3. Once a decision has been made by the program, your application will be reviewed by the University of Connecticut Graduate School.
  4. When The Graduate School has made an official decision, you will receive an email directing you to login to your application to view your decision letter.

If you have been offered admittance to the program

  1. If you will be accepting the offer of admittance to the program, please mail your official academic transcripts. Official transcripts must be received unopened in the original envelope from the school’s registrar’s office.  Enrollment cannot be completed without official transcripts and certificates/diplomas (if applicable).
  2. Your decision letter contains a link to the Decision and Enrollment form, which you must complete to accept or decline admission
  3. If your program requires a deposit fee, you will be prompted to pay before submitting the Decision and Enrollment Form.
  4. After you submit your Decision and Enrollment form, you will be contacted by the University of Connecticut Graduate School and the matriculation process will begin.
  5. If you are an international applicant, the ISSS office will contact you with additional materials required for enrollment.
  6. Deposit fees will be waived for the second program upon request