Which MBA Program is right for me?

UConn awards the same MBA degree for all three programs. The primary differences among the programs revolve around format and intended audience. The full-time program is intended for individuals who are not currently employed whereas the part-time and executive programs are intended for working professionals.

Credits 57 (36 credits are considered core) 57 (19 courses, 11 of which
are considered core courses
and 8 are electives)
Format Cohort (Year 1) – Lockstep, plus two Track electives in spring semester Flexible, Self-paced Cohort
Start Date Fall only Fall, Spring, Summer Fall only
Time to Complete 21 months 3-5 years average 20 months
Class Times Core curriculum daytime, Electives day/evening Primarily Evenings Primarily Weekends
Course Sequencing Fixed for year 1 – Track courses and electives in Year 2 are offered with flexible options  to ensure students can graduate in 21 months Flexible although core courses should be taken early in the program. Fixed.
Program Size 120 students 1,000+ students 60 students
Tracks (Concentrations) Restricted to Tracks approved within the Full-time MBA curriculum. Students earning a Track, can also earn a Specialty within the corresponding Track. Up to two – a concentration requires 2 courses in a concentration area beyond the core courses – students can take 8 courses beyond the core and can have a maximum of 2 concentrations although only one appears on the official transcript None, although participants can create a concentration after graduation within the ABC Program at no additional cost (up to four courses)
Cost (2018-2019, Tuition and Fees)* In-state: $16,256/year
Out-of-state: $37,866/year
Per course fee:
$2,700.00 for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
Calculus Requirement No requirement No requirement No requirement
Scholarships/Financial Aid Payment is due at start of each semester Payment is due at the start of each semester and can be made online by credit card or check The fee is due in 6 installments – see program staff for details
Financial Aid Available: A limited number of Graduate Assistantships and other scholarships are awarded based on merit.  Tuition assistance may also be available for students; seek information from the Financial Aid Office. Available. Available – Viewed as a full-time program (students registered for 9+ credits each semester.
Transfer Credits/Waivers Upon approval of the appropriate Academic Department Head up to 15 credits (all transfer credits must have a grade of B or better). Up to 15 credits (all transfer credits must have a grade of B or better). Not Allowed.
Application Material Application, one letter of recommendation, essay, transcripts, GMAT score, resume, TOEFL Score (international applicants) Online application, one letter of recommendation, transcripts, resume, letters of intent, GMAT/GRE preferred Applicaion, one letter of recommendation, transcripts, GMAT preferred but not required, resume, interview, sponsor agreement
Required Work Experience Minimum 2 years Minimum 2 years None
Avg. Work Experience 5.8 years 8 years 12 years
Average GMAT score 623 575-600 (GMAT exam is preferred but not required) 570
Enroll as non-degree Not allowed Yes Not allowed
International Course Requirement Included in curriculum Students must take three credits in an international elective prior to graduation. Included in curriculum.
Independent Study Courses Not available unless approved by Director Students may take up to 9 credits of independent study with permission Not available

* All international students are charged an additional Visa Compliance Fee. For the 2017-18 academic year the fee is $350 per semester (Fall and Spring only).

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The Non-degree Part-time MBA program allows prospective students to begin taking MBA courses before becoming matriculated. As a Non-Degree student you can take up to two MBA courses. These courses will count towards your Part-time MBA degree once you are accepted as long as you receive a grade of “B” or better.