New Applicants

If you are not currently a student enrolled in UConn’s Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, MSBAPM, MSFRM, or MSHRM programs, you are considered a new applicant.


Starting your application

Applicants must fill out two separate online applications, one for each program in the Dual Graduate Business Degree Program (e.g., Full-time MBA and MSFRM). Please note that applications are assigned to accounts, which require different email addresses.

Filling out your applications

  • In the Enrollment section, indicate the dual degree program you are applying to, and submit both applications for the same term date.
  • All fields (including essays, recommendations), when required by the program, must be submitted for each program as they are reviewed separately.

Submitting and completing your application

  • Upon submission of your first application, you will be required to pay the application fee. Before submitting your second application, you may request an application fee waiver via the Dual Degree Application Fee Waiver Form.
  • You will only need to submit official test scores and official transcripts once.

Decisions and Enrollment


Applications are reviewed separately by each program.

Decision Letters

Applicants will ultimately receive two decision letters: one from each program.

Applicants must be accepted into both programs to be in the dual graduate business degree program.

Applicants accepted into one program but denied for the other may choose to pursue the one degree to which they they were accepted instead of both. If accepting admission to one program, the applicant may also choose to re-apply to the dual degree program as a currently enrolled student.

Confirming Enrollment

Applicants may choose to wait to confirm enrollment until receiving decisions from both programs.  Applicants must confirm enrollment before the enrollment deadline date.

Enrollment Deposit

Applicants to dual degree programs with Part-time MBA are required to pay an enrollment deposit when accepting admission on their MS program application.

Applicants to dual degree programs with Full-time MBA are required to pay the enrollment deposit once. An applicant must first pay the deposit for one of their applications; then before submitting their second enrollment form, they may request a deposit waiver via the Dual Degree Deposit Waiver Form.