MBA/MS in Financial Risk Management


Choosing to earn a dual degree MBA/MS is an important decision, and it can be very advantageous. Not only do you earn two masters degrees, but you also save on 15 credits of coursework. More importantly, the two degrees complement each other and make you better prepared for significantly contributing day one in the workplace.

For International students in the Full-time MBA program, there is an added benefit – the ability to secure additional OPT eligibility by completing a dual degree in STEM-designated MSFRM program.

Program Format

The MBA/MSBAPM dual degree can be pursued in the following program/format:

  • Full-time MBA / MSFRM in full-time format*
  • Full-time MBA / MSFRM in part-time format
  • Part-time MBA / MSFRM in full-time format
  • Part-time MBA / MSFRM in part-time format

Please see your advisor for information on adding the MSFRM concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management.

* Students requiring a visa sponsorship can only pursue this dual degree as Full-time MBA / MSFRM in full-time format.

Curriculum and Course Sequence

The curriculum consists of a minimum of 75 credits:

** MSFRM students not requiring student visas follow a 33-credit curriculum instead of the 36.

An optional concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management requires an additional 9 credits (3 courses).

Students on student visas cannot complete the first degree in December and wait until the next Fall to start with the program’s next cohort. For this reason, students starting in the MSFRM program must pursue the optional concentration, and students starting in the full time MBA should not take the 16 month option.

Recommended Sequence The recommended course sequence is for an applicant to pursue the MBA curriculum before continuing to the MSFRM curriculum; however, exceptions are available for different course sequences, particularly for current MSFRM students who are applying to the dual degree program with Full- or Part-time MBA.


  • Full-time MBA/MSFRM
    • The Full-time MBA courses are taken at the Hartford campus.
    • The MSFRM curriculum may be taken at either the Hartford or Stamford campus.
  • Part-time MBA/MSFRM
    • Part-time MBA curriculum can be taken at the Hartford, Stamford, or Waterbury campus
    • MSFRM courses are taken at either the Hartford or Stamford campuses.

Term Starts

  • Starting the program in Full-time MBA (recommended): Fall
  • Starting the program in Part-time MBA (recommended): Fall, Spring, or Summer
  • Starting the program in MSFRM: Fall