Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dual Graduate Business Degrees

Am I eligible to pursue a dual graduate business degree?

All dual graduate business degree applicants are considered new applicants unless the applicant is a currently enrolled student in UConn’s Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, MSBAPM, MSFRM, or MSHRM programs within certain parameters of coursework completed.

All applicants must meet the requirements of the UConn Graduate School and the program to which they are applying. This includes considerations for applicants requiring issuance of student visas, as visas cannot be issued for pursuing a graduate business degrees in a part-time format.

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What is the cost of this program?

All courses are subject to tuition and fees associated with the degree program on the student’s active plan of study.

Fee-based Programs Part-time MBA, MSBAPM, MSFRM, MSHRM
Tuition-based Programs Full-time MBA

For example, a PMBA/MSHRM dual degree student will be charged PMBA fees during which their plan of study is in PMBA, then when the applicant starts the MSHRM program, the MSHRM fees will apply.

Since Full-time MBA is a tuition-based program, course costs will be a combination of tuition and fees.

Full-time MBA students will pay tuition for two semesters, and fees for all other semesters in the dual program. Since fees are generally higher than tuition, it is in the interest of the Full-time MBA student to complete ALL their FMBA courses in the two semesters before their plan of study is switched to the MS program. If they don’t do this, the remaining Full-time courses will be charged fees. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

Graduate Assistantships (GA) awarded to Full-time MBA students cannot be retained when the student chooses to do a dual MS degree. A Graduate Assistantship includes a “tuition” waiver, not a “fee” waiver. Therefore, a GA that is awarded in the Full-time MBA Program will not be applicable while the plan of study is active in a fee-based program.

How do I transition from one degree program to another?

A Dual Degree Plan of Study needs to be signed by both degree advisors before entry into the second degree.

You must complete the MS program before starting the MBA program, or complete 42 credits of the Part-time MBA or the first two semesters of the Full-time MBA before starting the MS program.

You must start the second program immediately upon completion of the first program. There can be no break in enrollment.

When are the degrees conferred?

Both degrees will be conferred simultaneously at the completion of all course work. Once in the dual program students cannot receive one degree without completing the requirements for both programs. They may however abandon the dual at any time and get one degree after completing its requirements and they will lose the 15-credit benefit from the dual.

Students will need to apply for graduation from both programs separately and inform both advisors by email that they are a dual degree student applying for graduation.

I have a question about the Graduate School rules; where do I go?

The student is responsible for following all rules of the Graduate School. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog.