Dual Business Degrees

Combine an MBA with a specialized MS in Financial Risk Management, Business Analytics & Project Management or Human Resources Management.

With its focus on broad business acumen and business leadership, the MBA degree remains the most popular masters-level degree worldwide. However, the recent rise of shorter, specialized business masters programs has put pressure on the MBA model to provide deeper immediate specialized skills in a shorter time. This is particularly true for people wishing to change careers from one industry or business area to another. At the same time, graduates of specialized MS programs are increasingly expected to have business or industry subject-matter knowledge along with technical skills. This dual-degree program leverages the strengths of both UConn programs to provide deeper knowledge to graduates of both programs, making graduates both more initially competitive in the marketplace and more successful business leaders over the long run.


  • Students will be conferred two degrees at the completion of the program
  • Reduced credit requirements for the combined degrees
  • Cost-savings equal to reduced credit requirements
  • Mix of full- and part-time education, depending on the program

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